February 18, 2014

My Addiction

I admit it. I have a problem. I am addicted to bags. I don’t really go for those overpriced leather bags that are plastered all over with a brand name. I’ve always been drawn to colorful fabrics and relaxed looks. I like Vera Bradley bags, but I have to be careful with those because some of them look like bags that old ladies keep their knitting in. You walk a very fine line, Vera.

I don’t anticipate getting over this addiction anytime soon. Case in point: a few days after finishing my purse from hell, I decided to make another one. I couldn’t help myself; I had the fabric and a new pattern, and I wanted to have a non-stressful purse-making experience.

This little number was a dream to make compared to last week’s. And I love love love it. 

Inside it has a pleated pocket,

and a zipper pocket. And a shiny snap.

The final size is a little smaller than I anticipated, so I’ll use it when I don’t have to carry along a sippy cup, three toy cars, and a bag of fishy crackers. (When I figure out when that is, I’ll let you know.)

Speaking of which, today I made this drawstring bag for Little Guy’s cars. (Two ends of the sewing spectrum right here, people.)

 He is an obsessed little boy, and for his birthday he got a number of additions to his already large fleet. I don’t mind the amount; I just don’t want them parked all over our floor. Little Guy even helped pick out the fabric. He wanted the one with the “fancy cars.”

It was great to have a few days of non-stressed-out sewing!

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  1. That purse is super cute! I'm already dreading the day when I can't go anywhere without a giant bag full of diapers, toys, food, clothes and who knows what else. At least it will be cute. :)