August 5, 2014


It's nice to be back blogging, settling in to our new home by making big messes in the kitchen, and planning new sewing projects. Do you remember the Christmas boutique I participated in last year? Well, I get to do it again this year and I am very excited. I even went to the fabric store yesterday and picked up some awesome fabric for bags. See?

I plan on selling my standard tote bags, and am brainstorming for another item to sell that would be a quick project. I was thinking fun fringed or shirred fleece scarves. I'm also considering making some drawstring backpacks out of Frozen fabric. I still haven't seen that cursed movie, though I'm so sick of it, and I hate that style of backpack, so two things I dislike should go great together. But they would be easy to make, and I know Frozen stuff will sell well to desperate mothers frantically trying to find anything Frozen for their kids for Christmas. Yep, that's me, taking advantage during the giving, sharing, and selflessness of Christmastime. Ha. 

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  1. Oooh, scarves! I love scarves. Put me down for one! (or two...)